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One of the most important parts of swimming pool care and maintenance is keeping the water properly balanced and clean with the right chemicals. While learning this process can take a few cycles of testing, many people catch on quickly and are able to test and balance their own swimming pool water. 

Here at Graves Pools & Spas, a question we receive from many pool owners is, “How often should we test our swimming pool water?”.

Quite honestly, it varies. Different pools require different frequencies of pool water testing. Generally speaking, if pool use is frequent, we should be testing our chlorine and pH regularly. For example, commercial pool chlorine levels should be checked daily. For residential pools, chlorine levels may only need to be checked 2-4 times per week, or more if it’s used frequently. 

When it comes to testing, our pool’s pH levels should be checked alongside chlorine water tests. Other tests, such as alkalinity, calcium hardness, and total dissolved solids are done less frequently, anywhere from every 2 weeks to monthly.

Though monotonous and tedious, pool water testing is an essential maintenance task for a clean and balanced swimming pool, which will keep our families happily splashing all season. 

If you are looking for professional swimming pool water testing or would like to learn more about the best levels and caring for your pool water, contact us or stop by our showroom today for more information.