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Even though they didn’t have what I wanted I told me where I might be able to find it and the price would be good this place was super clean the people in there were very helpful I would shop there anytime I needed pool supplies or spa supplies.

Peedie M.

I want to thank them because I have gotten strep throat from our community pool and I brought a water test the results we shady because I told my board that I was going to get a water test done they went and put in chlorine high levels to hide the bacteria thank you graves pools for saving our community pool I will always deal with you guys. Again thank you!

Cecelia W.

Our pool was installed in the winter so all the “pool school” information was largely forgotten by the time spring came around. They were very kind, knowledgeable, & experienced.

Kristen R.

The staff are very helpful. They helped us figure out our problem with our chemicals and now our pool chemicals are perfectly balanced. They have everything in stock, test your pool water right in front of you, give you a printout, and let you know exactly what is needed.

Tracey B.

I was in a bit of a pickle – had a concrete slab put down for my pool equipment – The pool company that put the pool in was going to come to disconnect and move the equipment and reconnect everything after the concrete was good to go – well night before concrete pool company was a no show – my wife and I had to disconnect and move everything ourselves – once we put everything back the pipes did not line up – salt cell line was ok I fixed that one BUT the line to the pump was no working out for me – I use Graves for chemicals and water testing so I went to see if they had the fittings I was looking for but they did not- Wendy went to check on my parts and came back with Radar who explained they pipe the pump different and works better – long story short Radar said they could take care of it and they did – next day John and Chase arrived – I explained my issue and John said ok no problem we got this – And they did – 2 Very Professional guys who got me going in no time. Thank you, Wendy – Radar – John and Chase !!!

Bill T.

I called Graves for some assistance when my hot tub stopped functioning. I called around 4 pm and they were able to come out to my house the next morning. It took about 15 minutes for the issue to be identified why the spa wasn’t working. Bert is their lead technician and is very knowledgeable. He explained the problem in an easy to understand way and ordered the replacement part which came about 3 days later and he was back out to my house to replace it the next day which didn’t take very long at all. I always have skepticism when I’m paying for labor because some technicians just ride the clock and take a while to really tell you what’s wrong. Not Bert though. I didn’t feel at all scammed which is an experience I’ve had at other places. He really does take the time to go through everything thoroughly. I didn’t feel like he was in a rush to leave and he was super attentive and professional. He even provided a demonstration on how to maintain the spa using the test strips and how each product should be used. He wasn’t pushy at all on trying to sell me a bunch of add-ons. I got the product I needed and all the information to keep my spa well-maintained. Graves is honestly the best place around to go for your hot tub needs. I will definitely be calling them again! Highly recommend Bert and his team.

Madison Z.

The service we received from Bert was exemplary, very professional, and courteous. His experience and knowledge were very valuable in our spa overview and service. We would highly recommend him and Graves Pools and Spas. Thank you!!

Robert B.

Stopped by to pick up parts for my hot tub. Super helpful and friendly! Beautiful showroom filled with gorgeous spas. Seems like a very professional operation!

Travis P.

Fast and friendly service from Bert Marks this morning. Graves always responds to the few problems we’ve had with great service. Honest and dependable. Highly recommend them for your hot tub!

Beth A.

Graves did our sand changes at a property in NMB. These guys worked like a well oiled machine. Efficient use of time.

Derek D.

We have used Graves for several years and recently had them install a salt system for our pool ( one of the best decisions we made ). But at that time we also had a hot tub problem, Graves informed us they only service their own hot tub brand.

They recently changed that decision, so I called them in to fix our hot tub. Bert Marks arrived as the tech ( turns out he fixed our hot tub 15 years ago in Pennsylvania. It took him an hour to reseal our filter canister and install a new pump.

He is one of the most knowledgeable, professional techs we have ever met. Should prove an invaluable asset to the Graves team.

Neale W.

Thank you Mark for doing that! I appreciate everything and super thankful this is turning over to you and your guys. How everything was handled the other day and the upscale service was exactly what I was looking for!

Brendon K.