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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a hot tub. This is especially true if you are buying a hot tub to help improve physical and mental health, where the placement of spa jets plays a critical role in providing you with the appropriate type of hydromassage you need for your physical and mental health. According to experts, hydromassage or hydrotherapy effectively helps improve blood circulation, which leads to an individual’s improved physical and mental health.

If you are considering investing in a hot tub for this specific purpose, here are some things you will need to keep in mind.

Hydrotherapy for your back

For effective hydromassage therapy for your back, you will need a hot tub that features spa jets that can be rotated. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to target the areas in your back where you feel discomfort. There are also hot tubs that have jets dispelling air and water in a circular motion. This is great as it makes you feel like you are getting a real massage where someone is pressing their thumbs on your back and moving them in circular motions to relieve your back pain.

It is important that the hot tub you choose will be able to maintain a steady pressure on your back. It is not advisable to have increasing pressure or repeated pressure at your back as this may result in further problems, especially considering that this is hydromassage and not the traditional type of massage.

Hydrotherapy for your legs and feet

Choosing a hot tub for the purpose of treating your legs and feet to regular hydrotherapy is a great way to maintain healthy and strong lower extremities. These hot tubs have spa jets in the lower or bottom part of the tub as well as along the side of the hot tub. This will provide sufficient hydromassage to help alleviate the aches and pains on your legs and feet.

Similarly, with jets for your back, it is highly recommended to purchase hot tubs with rotating spa jets running along the side of the tub and at the bottom of the tub. There is also a tub that features bubbler jets which are specifically designed to target your calves, proving a steady pulse along your lower extremities that help refresh your skin and reinvigorate your tired muscles.

Hydrotherapy for your hands, wrists and neck

Your hands and wrists are parts of your body you use frequently but are rarely relaxed and massaged. Fortunately, there are hot tubs that feature jets to target these hard to reach areas. These tubs specifically have small jets that deliver a steady massaging pulse to target the small groups of tired muscles in your wrist, hand and neck. You can also rotate them to adjust the direction and specifically target your sore and aching muscles.

Choosing a hot tub based on type of therapy provided

Aside from hydrotherapy, there are other types of therapies that a hot tub can provide. This is why many homeowners buy hot tubs not only for their relaxation benefits but more for the improvement they bring to one’s health. This is most especially true for those families with an elderly person or an individual with a physical disability. It has been proven time and again that soaking in a hot tub for several hours helps to improve one’s physical and mental well being.

Here is a list of all the types of therapies you can get from investing in a hot tub:  h2

1. Hydrotherapy – This integrates the power of water in relieving the aches and pains felt in different parts of your body. According to experts, hydrotherapy helps improve blood circulation, which is what basically removes the muscle pains. More specifically, hydrotherapy relaxes and reinvigorates tired joints and muscles and lowers the stress level by providing a highly relaxing experience.

Some types of hot tubs combine the power of water with air to deliver a certain type of hydrotherapy, which is hydromassage. Spa jets are strategically placed all throughout the hot tub to deliver air and water, providing an individual with the sensation of being massaged. Add to this the relaxing sensation brought by the warm water and soaking in your hot tub will become your favorite time of the day.

2. Reflexology – This type of therapy is more focused in pressing nerves and joints in the hands and feet to target different organs of the body and improve one’s health. Aside from this, certain areas of the foot, when pressed, lead to improving physical health of an individual.

Some manufacturers of hot tubs have successfully developed tubs that provide reflexology. Choosing a hot tub that delivers streams of warm water and air directed to different parts of hands and feet will not only provide a relaxing sensation but will also help to release tension in these areas. The steady pressure that massages your hands and feet will also help improve your organs, calming your nerves and refreshing your physical energy.

3. Chromatherapy – This type of therapy uses colors and light to affect one’s mood and mental state. You can benefit from this type of therapy by investing in hot tubs that feature spa lights. You can buy a hot tub and have them replace the bulb with the color that you want or if you already have a hot tub, you can replace the bulb on your own.

Keep in mind that different colors and hues affect one’s mood differently. According to experts, the colors that elicit peace and relaxation are blue and yellow. This is why most hot tubs available on the market today have blue and yellow lights. You can combine them in different hues and shades to achieve utmost relaxation and to further improve your hot tub experience.

If you are buying hot tubs for the purpose of gaining physical and mental health benefits, it is very important that you show extreme caution when choosing a hot tub. Call Graves Pools and Spas now to speak with an expert and get professional assistance in buying your hot tub.