Enjoy Your Summer with a Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

A Dolphin pool robot is one of the best investments you will make for your pool, and you will only wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

The Many Benefits of a Maytronics Pool Cleaner.

Dolphin pool vacuums do a tremendous job of cleaning your pool, providing a great value on top of unmatched convenience. With floor-to-surface cleaning, the Dolphin Pool cleaner makes your pool water more inviting and your backyard experience much more enjoyable. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners consistently deliver high performance with very little effort. Some of the greatest benefits of the Dolphin pool vacuum include: 

  • Easy setup – take out of the box and plug it in, drop in the pool and turn it on. Come back to a clean pool after your Dolphin cleaned the floors, sides, and waterline. 
  • Hands-off pool cleaning – no human intervention except dropping in the water. Convenient and time-saving. 
  • Saves hours of manual vacuuming – save valuable time without manual cleaning and have your pool ready for swimming when you are. 
  • Energy efficient – the Dolphin robot pool vacuum is extremely energy efficient and costs only pennies to run for hours at a time. Dolphin smart vacuums learn the best route to clean your pool, saving even more time and energy. 
  • Unmatched cleaning – scrubs the waterline and filters out all types of debris with debris-free water release. 
  • Warranty – enjoy peace of mind as all Dolphin pool robots come with either a two or three-year warranty. 

Enjoy these benefits and many more with a variety of Dolphin robots to choose from with convenient, high-tech features that save you time and leave your pool clean and clear. 

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