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I was in a bit of a pickle – had a concrete slab put down for my pool equipment – The pool company that put the pool in was going to come to disconnect and move the equipment and reconnect everything after the concrete was good to go – well night before concrete pool company was a no show – my wife and I had to disconnect and move everything ourselves – once we put everything back the pipes did not line up – salt cell line was ok I fixed that one BUT the line to the pump was no working out for me – I use Graves for chemicals and water testing so I went to see if they had the fittings I was looking for but they did not- Wendy went to check on my parts and came back with Radar who explained they pipe the pump different and works better – long story short Radar said they could take care of it and they did – next day John and Chase arrived – I explained my issue and John said ok no problem we got this – And they did – 2 Very Professional guys who got me going in no time. Thank you, Wendy – Radar – John and Chase !!!

Bill T.