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Everyone faces at least a little bit of stress in their lives. Daily stress causes a plethora of unwanted and unnecessary harms including headaches, muscle tension, irritability, and even more serious problems such as insomnia and depression.

Finding ways to distress are important, even vital to a happy and healthy life. And sure, everyone has their own special ways to unwind at the end of the long day, but many people don’t think of the benefits than can be found in hot tubs and spas. Sundance spas provide the relaxation you deserve, at your leisure. Sundance Spas have incredible features that deliver all the benefits of hydrotherapy, one of the leading ways to relieve stress. Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water, whether the pressure or temperature, to stimulate blood flow and relax muscles. The heat of the water and the pressure of the jets combine to create a perfectly calming experience, one that can be enjoyed everyday.

Aromatherapy can also be combined with your spa using essential oils and aroma compounds to alter mood, improving cognitive, psychological and psychical well being. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, and can be traced back to ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks. Here at Graves Pools & Spas we have a complete line of Spa Aromatherapy products for you. SPAZAZZ Aromatherapy has eight unique scents to choose from, ranging from French Lavender to Pina Colada, or Summer Rain to Tahitian Vanilla. We carry full lines of both SPAZAZZ and inSPAration Spa & Bath Aromatherapy products.

Give us a call for all of your hydrotherapy and aromatherapy needs, or if you’re just simply curious, stop by our showroom today and see how Graves Pools & Spas can help you relax through the holidays and start your new year fresh and relaxed.