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Graves Pools & Spas has been specializing in pool and hot tubs since 1975. As a leading Myrtle Beach hot tub dealer and pool supply store in Myrtle Beach, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing area residents with the best pool and hot tub services, including new hot tubs, pool service & maintenance, and a large variety of pool care supplies and equipment. If you’re ready to outfit your backyard with a hot tub and create your relaxing oasis, Graves Pools & Spas is a leading Sundance Spas dealer. We have many hot tubs to choose from, and our Myrtle Beach hot tub experts look forward to helping you find the perfect model for your needs and budget. 

For nearly 50 years, Graves Pools & Spas has remained committed to superior customer service in all that we do, whether we’re helping you find the perfect hot tub, providing the best residential pool & hot tub services, or commercial pool service & maintenance in Myrtle Beach. Graves Pools & spas is an award-winning pool company, most recently being recognized as one of the top pool service companies in the nation by Pool & Spa News in 2023. We’ve been making pool and hot tub ownership easy since 1975, and we look forward to you experiencing all that Graves Pools & Spas has to offer when you stop by our pool supply store today. For directions to our location, please click here.

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Finance Your Myrtle Beach Hot Tub

Don’t let anything stop you from getting the hot tub you’ve always wanted. Hot tub loans are unique, so they require a different approach. Graves Pools & Spas offers many hot tub financing options for your new hot tub. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you secure the best hot tub loan in Myrtle Beach.

Customer Reviews

The staff are very helpful. They helped us figure out our problem with our chemicals and now our pool chemicals are perfectly balanced. They have everything in stock, test your pool water right in front of you, give you a printout and let you know exactly what is needed.

Tracy B.

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