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The Leader in Resort Pool and Spa Management

Here at Graves Pools and Spas, customer service is job one.  With our team of experienced professionals, we’re here to meet your every pool and spa repair need. Our team of factory trained and certified technicians are here to help you 24/7.  From routine pump repairs, to our exclusive mobile water testing lab, to our “Clear Advantage Water Management Program”, Graves Pools is setting the standard in Horry and Georgetown Counties for pool service.


We know waiting for days on pool service is not an option in our industry.  That is why Graves has created the best service TEAM of professionals to meet your every need. Our GRAVES TEAM has a combined 90 years of experience in pool repairs. Radar Bryant  leads our service TEAM with 36 years in the pool industry.



Our technicians are certified by the  manufacturer in all areas  of equipment: pumps/filters, controllers, heaters, and safety equipment.  The GRAVES TEAM is always available to respond  quickly, accurately and efficiently to all your service needs in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand!


Graves also provides services in leak detection, tile repairs, safety covers, pump room renovations, and more. Call Graves Pools first, you will not be disappointed.

  • 24/7 Service Provided
  • Team of Certified Technicians
  • Certified Divers for Underwater repairs


The goal of every LPO?  Crystal Clear Safe Water. Team up with the Graves’ water chemistry professionals to make balanced water a breeze. But for those days of algae problems, cloudy water, staining issues, DHEC closures, customer water complaints, and unbalanced readings, rest assured that our computerized water testing equipment will get you back on track in no time. Allow this FREE service to be another tool in your belt to ensure ease of pool maintenance.

Benefits of On-Site Testing

  • Time saving, instant results, instant print-out
  • Fast resolution to water problems
  • Accurate, computerized results


At Graves Pools and Spas, we specialize in weekly liquid chlorine deliveries to our customers, providing them with a set delivery schedule. All our liquid chlorine deliveries are electronically measured and metered to insure you get what you pay for - with no guess work or waste.

Benefits of On-Site Testing

  • Set Delivery Schedules
  • Metered Deliveries
  • No Guess Work - No Waste


Our customers get what they want, when they want it, where they want it!  Order by 2:00 pm and get it the next day.  Not always on property? No Problem.  We keep your property’s keys in our lock box so you don’t have to schedule yourself around your deliveries. We are here to take the worries away!

The Clear Advantage Water Management Program

For those properties that want an all inclusive program, this is THE program for you. The CLEAR ADVANTAGE PROGRAM provides all the necessary equipment for chemical feeding and tanks to hold chemicals. As a member of the program, your property is visited multiple times per month. During the visits, a review is made of all equipment, adjustments are made as needed and the liquid chlorine tank is filled automatically. Other balancing chemicals in the program are delivered as requested at no charge. The property pays a flat monthly fee for easy budgeting.

Graves Pools & Spas only adds a few properties per year to the CLEAR ADVANTAGE PROGRAM to provide slow but steady growth to the water management program. There is a team of service technicians dedicated to monitoring the program in the field and the program is supervised by Cory Poat who has over XX years experience in the pool industry. The CLEAR ADVANTAGE PROGRAM is our most exclusive program and one that truly fulfills our mission statement.


Cory Poat

Clear Advantage/Lease Manager