Tips On How To Save Water With Your Hot Tubs

Many homeowners think that using and maintaining hot tubs use a lot of water. Thus, if you are living a green lifestyle, you might think twice about investing in outdoor spas. This is not always the case. The use and maintenance of outdoor spas should not use a lot of water – if you know how to effectively use your tubs, you will not end up wasting water.

Here are some tips to help you save water when using and maintaining your hot tubs.

1. Clean or replace filters regularly. Similarly with swimming pools, keeping the filters of your outdoor spas clean will prevent you from repeatedly and frequently changing the water of your outdoor spas. Indeed, changing filters does not use water as oppose to changing your tub’s water. Industry experts and professionals highly recommend investing in several filters at home. This way, you will have a filter ready to be used to replace the dirty and clogged filters. If you have extra filters on hand, you will not have to fret over immediately cleaning dirty filters in time to replace the ones in your tub. Or you will not have to close the spa while you clean the filters.

To clean dirty filters, you can simply run them through the dish washer or you can soak them in water and detergent soap to easily remove the dirt and clogs. You do not even have to scrub them. Hang them to dry and properly store them until you need them to replace dirty filters.

2. Know when the right time to change water on hot tubs is. Changing water in tubs should not be done as frequently especially if it is rarely being used. You will know when to change the water by looking at its appearance or testing for total dissolved solids present in the water. Alternatively, if the tub has been used by a large group of people, such as when you recently had an outdoor spa party or barbecue night, you should consider replacing the water in the morning.

You will know it is time to change the water if it feels heavy and if it is no longer soft and silky to the touch. You will also notice that it easily creates foam. If so, you should check for the pH level and total dissolved liquids in the water. If the pH level is not at the right level or if you received a result of 3000ppm or more total dissolved liquids, it is time to change the water. Take note, however, that hot tubs often have high total dissolved liquids if exceeding amounts of chemicals have been added, resulting to water saturation which will create total dissolved liquids.

3. Make the water in the tub last longer. Properly taking care of your tub water will make it last longer; thus, you do not have to change the water as frequently. To take care of your tub water, you need to keep it chemically balanced at all times and limit the amount of chemicals that you use. Avoid adding extra softeners as these often come with oil and make the weight of the water heavier. If you want to fill the tub with fresh water, remove first at least 12 inch of the water. Remind everyone who will use the outdoor spa to rinse first before stepping in to reduce the dirt and debris that gets into the water.

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