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Hot tubs have long been considered an adult activity, but the reality is they aren’t just for the older crowd. They’re a fantastic place to relax, chat, and generally spend time together with people of all ages. And when it comes to quality family time, relaxing, chatting, and spending time together matters now more than ever. 

With the advent of screens, social media and technological advances in general, uninterrupted family time is becoming less commonplace. Families have to find new ways to make the most of that precious time together. While a hot tub isn’t a singular solution, it will help bring the family together more than you’d think. Read on for some of the best reasons why a hot tub will help you enhance your family’s time together. 

1. Etch out time once a week to take a family soak, check-in, and see how life is going. 

While engagements may have increased between people in the online world, engaging openly and without screens in the real world only seems to be decreasing. That makes finding the space to sit down comfortably with your kids and talk openly even more crucial. In fact, regularly engaging with your children and spending more quality time together has been shown to enhance self-esteem, nurture positive behaviors, improve socialization skills, and strengthen the family bond. As a parent, a hot tub is a perfect foundation for those memorable chats.

2. Do you have student-athletes in the family? Encourage a soak after practice to help ease their muscles and connect.

The mental health benefits of sitting in a hot tub with your family are clear, but the physical benefits shouldn’t be overlooked either. Student-athletes can benefit greatly from soaking in a hot tub as warm water immersion is crucial in easing muscles after, or even before, a strenuous workout. On top of that, a hot tub also creates an opportunity to discuss their athletic endeavors and where, when, and how improvements could be made.

3. Individual, one-on-one time with each child. 

It’s not just group family time that is important. We all need those one-on-one chats to really get into the deep stuff. Hot tubs can help you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to open up with each other and sustain those strong bonds that are essential to a healthy family life. Not only should this help your kids, but it’ll also help you.

4. The perfect birthday celebration spot.

Not knowing what to buy, not knowing where to go, and not knowing who to invite – it’s safe to say that organizing birthdays can be a struggle. Having one or two teenagers in the family doesn’t make things any easier! If you’re looking to draw out some gift or event ideas from a stubborn teen, sitting down in the hot tub and chatting about an upcoming birthday may be your saving grace. Or why not have them invite a few friends over to enjoy an afternoon in the hot tub to celebrate their special day? 

5. Waterproof card games for some in-tub fun with the family!

Who doesn’t love a good card game? They’re a brilliant way for everybody to have some fun! Coupled with a relaxing hot tub, we can’t think of a more appropriate way to enhance your family time. Take the fun outside, enjoy the fresh air, soak in the warm water, and have some fun in the hot tub. Don’t forget the waterproof cards, otherwise, it won’t be a long game of Spades.

6. Family movie nights.

Yep – we’ve left the best for last. Sitting back after a long day and watching a new movie with the family never gets old. If you’re looking to enhance that time together, we recommend a hot tub. Grab some popcorn, put on your favorite movie, and relax with your loved ones while you soak up that soothing warm water.

Your Myrtle Beach Hot Tub Experts

Spring, summer, autumn, or winter – hot tubs can be used all year round to provide the perfect foundation for those memorable family moments. If you’re looking for a new way to enhance family time, consider incorporating a hot tub into your daily routine. Contact the hot tub experts at Graves Pools & Spas today, or be sure to stop by our hot tub store in Myrtle Beach to see firsthand the different hot tub models we have available today.