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Hurricane season is in full swing here on the South Carolina Coast. Not only can these storms damage businesses and homes, they can cause major issues with our swimming pools.

Here are several helpful tips to prepare your pool and backyard for any potential issues brought on by an upcoming storm.

1) Don’t empty your pool.

An empty pool can float or pop out of the ground due to pressure from extra ground water. Even though there is a high probability of contamination, keeping water in your pool will provide an easier cleanup after the storm has passed.

2) Turn off power to protect pool equipment.

Make sure you turn off any circuit breakers at the main electrical panel. Power to your pool pump, lighting automatic chlorinators, and heaters should not be operational during the storm. It’s also a good idea to wrap the electrical equipment with waterproof plastic to prevent any water or sand from entering. If you know it’s going to flood, it’s best to disconnect your equipment and store in a dry location.

3) Add extra chlorine to your water to prevent extra contamination from storm water and debris.

In order to prevent any extra contamination from storm water or debris, add extra chlorine to shock your pool.

4) Don’t cover your pool.

Falling branches and debris can damage pool covers. It’s easier to remove debris than to replace a pool cover. The cover could also cause unwanted damage and provide difficult removal of debris.

5) Remove loose items from the pool area and store inside.

Do not put pool furniture in the pool as this can cause extra damage and cause serious staining problems in your pool water.

Most importantly, stay safe. Even a properly prepared pool will need cleaned after the storm. If you have any questions or need help during the cleanup process stop in to Graves Pools & Spas for your FREE water analysis, or give us a call today!