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MeycoLite Pool Cover Product Spotlight

Known as the ORIGINAL safety pool cover across the industry, the visionary, Fred J. Meyer, Jr., received a patent for his groundbreaking creation in 1960; the world’s first winter pool cover. This invention not only marked a milestone but also gave birth to an entirely new sector – the safety pool cover industry with products like the MeycoLite Pool Cover, and more.

Being the pioneers of the ORIGINAL safety pool cover, Meyco Pool Covers doesn’t settle for the ordinary. They offer custom features meticulously crafted to ensure the security and aesthetics of your swimming pool throughout the periods between swim seasons.

The MeycoLite Pool Cover is often referred to as the first safety pool cover. The MeycoLite fabric was used in the original safety pool cover crafted by Meyco Pool Covers and it remains the preferred fabric choice for some of the globe’s largest pool covers. With its generous weave, MeycoLite eliminates the necessity of pumping off perilous surface water; instead, it allows drainage through the cover, causing leaves to simply dry up and scatter away. Requiring minimal winter maintenance, MeycoLite’s robust material is specially treated for color fastness, reducing fading when exposed to sunlight. Something essential for our pools here in Myrtle Beach.

In contrast to competitors’ bulky tarps, the lightweight MeycoLite offers a quicker end of swim season installation without compromising the reliable protection and heavy-duty performance you rely on to safeguard your family.

Meyco Pool Covers are tested and proven with decades of research, testing and improvements. They have 4 U.S. patents and exceed all ASTM standards for safety. You can have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a safety pool cover, tested by stringent standards and designed to keep your pool secure and family safe.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Lightweight, 4.4 oz. per square yard make MeycoLite easy to install and remove between swim seasons. No pool is to big for a MeycoLite cover!
  • 20% tighter weave means debris is trapped on the cover surface while water flows easily through for less maintenance during the winter.
  • Meyco uses 45% stronger webbing for greater durability and a longer lifespan.
  • Non-corrosive solid brass anchors offer exceptional strength and disappear flush with the deck during swim season.
  • MeycoLite blocks 95% of sun’s rays, reducing UV damage to your pool.

MeycoLite is our choice for safety pool cover use along the Grand Strand.

To learn more about Meyco Pool Covers, click here.

*All information shared was pulled directly from the Meyco Website