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Here are 5 pool cleaning tips you need to know!

Summer never ends along the Grand Strand, and pools and spas are a great way to extend summer fun with friends and family. However, no one likes to swim in dirty pool water so follow these simple pool cleaning tips to keep your pool and spa in tiptop shape.

1) Daily Skimming – It should be a daily habit to skim any debris that has collected on top of the water in your pool or spa. Grass, bugs, leaves & other outdoor unpleasantries build up on the top of your water and eventually sink. When this debris sinks to the bottom of your pool or spa, it will likely require a more intense scrubbing to get clean.

You should also take the time to scrub your walls with a pool brush at a minimum once a week. You’ll also need to vacuum once per week. A Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner, such as the Dolphin S100 is a super efficient solution to these tasks.

2) Keep Water Levels Balanced – Maintaining proper water levels is an important factor when keeping your pool clean and water clear.

Keeping pool and spa water levels at appropriate levels can keep the chemical balance in check.

3) Balancing Your Chemicals – Different pools require different frequencies of pool water testing and different levels of chemicals based on its size. It’s important to know the correct amount of chemicals to keep in your pool and spa.

When you maintain a proper balance of chemicals, chlorine can work at killing bacteria and germs while fighting off algae. This is only possible with maintaining a proper pH level for your pool or spa.

On the opposite end, when there are too many chemicals in your pool or spa, serious irritation to your skin and eyes can occur. Pool water that is imbalanced can also lead to damage and corrosion of pool equipment.

Here at Graves Pools & Spas we offer free pool water testing to help you keep your pool water healthy and clear.

4) Clean your skimmer & pump basket – A clean skimmer and pump basket will ensure proper filtration and reduce the wear and tear

on your pool pump. All sorts of critters and debris can make their way into your pool filtration system. Regularly checking the skimmer and cleaning out the pump basket will help maintain a healthy, clear pool all season long.

5) Clean your filter – Generally speaking, most pool filters need to be cleaned every 6 months, but the exact cleaning schedule depends on the filter type, how often the pool is cleaned, local weather conditions, and the chemical levels in the pool or spa.

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your pool and spa equipment while helping you maintain a clear and healthy pool year round. When you find yourself needing supplies, stop by Graves Pools & Spas.