Sundance Spa’s Patented SmartTub System

The exclusive SmartTub® System is engineered to make it easier than ever to
use and maintain your Sundance® spa. From your smart device, whether on
the road or in the comfort of home, you can compare, monitor, and control
your spa to harmonize with your life.*


Full Spa Control From Anywhere

  •  Adjust the temperature, jets, and lights.
  •  Lock down your hot tub and prevent usage.
  •  Set up an automated usage schedule

Easy Convenience from YOUR App

  •  Get real-time notifications and reminders.
  •  Track energy usage reports.
  •  Pair with Siri, Alexa, & Google Assistant
  •  Enjoy new features updated automatically

Peace of Mind From Home and Away

  •  Alerts the dealer if your spa needs attention.
  •  Detect power outages, freezing, & overheating.
  •  Optimize energy savings with industry-first Smart Heat Mode, which learns your usage and lets you control how much energy you use