Why You Should Own A Hot Tub

Have you ever dreamed of having a hot tub for your home? We all love to imagine coming home after a hard day and relaxing in those warm bubbles with powerful jets that will soothe away aching muscles. Well, it’s way more possible than you might think! Owning a hot tub can be a very affordable option for your home and the perfect addition for years of enjoyment with family and friends. Create the perfect finish with the right cover and accessories to match your style and keep your hot tub clean when it’s not being used. You can even go the extra luxurious mile by adding televisions or other entertainment devices to create the perfect escape!

Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

There are many health benefits that hot tubs offer. The first that many people think of is just basic relaxation and easing the stress of life away. While it certainly does that well, it also provides some excellent hydrotherapy for muscle injuries and other health issues. Hydrotherapy is also used to bring a sick person back to health with the soothing warm water. This can be true even from the soreness that comes from lying in bed for extended periods of time.

Poor circulation can also be helped by the use of regular hot tub soaks. The warm water can get your heart pumping and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. Blood generally will flow better in a warm environment, so circulation is most always improved.

It is important not to sit in water over 110 degrees for more than 20 minutes at a time. When you get up out of the hot tub, stand up very slowly and sit down right away if you feel faint. Let your blood flow again and move slowly. Also, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking some cool water or other non-carbonated beverages while soaking.

Go Ahead And Take The Plunge!

Remember, a hot tub can fit any budget. There are often great specials running with lots of deals on the “package” purchase. This would be packages that include some basic accessories like cleaning products, chemicals and pumps or filters. Be sure to look into buying a cover as well. Hot tubs come in lots of fun colors and also in many sizes, so you can have one big enough to fit several people during parties if you like, or just a family hangout time. Most hot tubs can hold up to eight people.

Gone are the days of having to go to the spa to get the luxury of a hot tub! Now you can have this wonderful addition to your home and pamper yourself whenever you feel like it! For more information, call us at Graves Pools & Spas today and let us help you with the perfect hot tub for your home!

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