Tips In Handling Pool Chemicals While Adjusting The Ph Level

Keeping the right Ph level of your swimming pool is important; you have to know how to handle pool chemicals safely. To know whether or not you need to adjust your pool’s Ph level, test your pool water using a home testing kit or by bringing a sample of the pool water to your local swimming pool contractor.

To help you successfully adjust the Ph level, here are some tips in handlingpool chemicals.

Get the appropriate chart to use in adjusting the Ph level – Adjusting the Ph level of your swimming pool is not as simple as adding acids or alkaline;  you could end up wasting money on these pool chemicals. You’ll need to invest in the appropriate chart for your swimming pool. The chart will help you calculate the amount of acid or alkaline to add to your pool water depending on its current Ph level. By using this chart, you will not be adding random amounts of acids or alkaline to balance the pool’s Ph level.

Wear eye protection and gloves when adding chemicals – Considering you are handling chemicals – regardless of what others say about these chemicals being harmless – you still wear eye protection and gloves when handling them.

Mix acids in a metal bucket prior to adding into the pool – Adding acids directly to the pool may result to wall corrosion and damage to the metal pipes and fittings. Mix acids well in a metal bucket first before adding them to the pool. Use only metal buckets as the acids can easily eat a plastic bucket.

Handle acids in a well ventilated area – Some acids can be too strong. To avoid smelling the fumes of strong acids and chemicals, make sure you are in a well ventilated area when handling them.

Allow the water to pump and circulate before testing again – For best results, it is highly suggested you wait at least 4 hours after adding chemicals before testing if it has the right Ph level. This causes the chemicals to spread throughout the swimming pool and will most likely provide you with an accurate estimate.

Maintaining the right Ph level of your swimming pool is not a simple task. You’ll need to use the right chemicals and apply the correct proportions. Plus, you also have to consider utmost safety when handling these chemicals.

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