Pool Maintenance Tips To Solve Common Water Problems

Sometimes, regular pool maintenance is not enough to prevent water problems. Most of these pool problems are inevitable no matter how much effort you put into maintaining your swimming pool. The extended summer heat has added to potential pool water problems. To ensure you enjoy swimming in your pool, you need to know how to resolve these issues so you won’t have to constantly call in a specialist every time these problems arise.

Here are some of the common water problems that you need to keep an eye out as part of your regular pool maintenance.

  1. When your pool water becomes cloudy, it’s a sign that there is a problem with your filter. Check to see if there is debris building up in the filter. Remove the debris and clean the filter to get it back in its proper working order. Also, make sure you are using the right size of filter for your pool. An inappropriate size of filter will not work properly for your pool and might result to cloudy water.

If more people are using your swimming pool, consider increasing the time when you turn on your filtering system. To ensure your pool water stays clearer for a longer period of time.

  1. Some swimming pools have clear water but with black spots. Should this be the case with your pool, this is a sure sign that a type of algae is building up. Keep in mind that algae build up can spread very quickly. Shock the water as soon as you see black spots in your pool water. After this, scrub the areas where you see the black spots appear. You can also use a robotic cleaner daily for at least one week after shocking the pool water to ensure the algae will not come back.
  2. As you go about your regular pool maintenance and you notice some signs of reddish brown in the pool, you may have too much iron. Confirm with a pool technician on which chemicals to use to remove the excess iron. Too much iron can stain your swimming pool so it’s important to work on removing it as soon as you notice your pool water turn reddish brown.
  3. Another common problem that needs your immediate attention is when you suddenly feel irritation in your eyes and skin due to the water’s chlorine. Shocking your pool water should do the trick. But for most efficient results, test your chlorine level after one day of shocking to ensure you are not adding more or less of the recommended amount to use for your pool.

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