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Does a Hot Tub Help Fibromyalgia Pain?

More than 5 million adults in North America suffer from Fibromyalgia, which affects more women than men, with a ratio of appoximately 7-1.…
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5 Reasons to Buy a Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner.

Tired of spending your weekends cleaning the pool? Then it might be time to get serious about automating your pool with a Maytronics…
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Get Smart – The SmartTub Cellular Control System.

Ready to take your Sundance Spa experience to the next level? Say hello to the SmartTub Cellular Control System. Innovative and user-friendly, this…
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Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub.

Your spa has kept you warm all winter long, providing hours of family bonding and relaxation. And the good times can last year-round—as…
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